Congenital Penile Curvature

Congenital Penile CurvatureMen who suffer from congenital penile curvature are either born with this condition or experience Peyronie’s disease. Both can cause congenital penile curvature, although it is believed that Peyronie’s disease is often triggered as a result of a small injury during intercourse. These are common injuries that most often go undetected as patients do not realize there is anything wrong. This can lead to you developing penile curvature.

How does penile curvature appear? It is when one side of your penis will look bigger than the other, which leads to a curvature during erection. The curvature can be upward, downward or to a side. While statistics indicate that 2% of men experience curvature, almost 30% have minor curvature that may go unnoticed.

In many cases, minor curvature in the penis does not cause problems to the patient. If you can engage in normal sexual intercourse there is no reason to treat it, as it does not affect the natural erection mechanism.

Dr. Shawket Alkhayal has extensive experience in treating penile curvature whether it is related to Peyronie’s disease or congenital. As a result of this unparalleled experience, we advise patients to visit our clinic for diagnosis and we will help you choose the best treatment option.