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Four Vital Symptoms That Could Be A Cause To Kidney Stones

As people are bombarded with work, it can get extremely difficult to take care of their health. We are living systematic lives that we make our career or business our priority, that what we always tend to forget that our body is our support system. Without this support, we might not be able to function and deliver in our respective jobs. At times, even if people are sick, they push themselves to go to work. This kind of negligence often costs more.

For instance, even if many people have acute pain in their belly or back region, people choose not to bother as they are preoccupied with other priorities without knowing that the acute pain could lead to a formation of kidney stones. This blog is going to briefly inform on the five major symptoms that could be due to kidney stones.

Studies hav...

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Why Pre-Marital Health Checks Are Important

If you are ready to take the step of getting married, the two of you will have to take your future decisions together and this means considering your partner’s health seriously. Amidst the euphoria of building a new life together, many couples may forget that reproductive and sexual health are important in order to start a family.

It is always good to do a fertility test when you are considering marriage. This is to avoid any sort of emotional stress or surprises that can be associated with fertility. You and your partner should both get tested as men too can be liable for infertility cases. Fertility tests can include hormonal tests, semen analysis and pelvic ultrasound scans. The scan is to determine the state of the reproductive organs.

Couples can also check for lifelong infections inc...

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Natural Remedies To Beat Urinary Incontinence

Not many people talk about urinary incontinence, and it is surprising because this is a common problem. It is a urological disorder that is downright debilitating and this condition is known to affect more women than men. Incontinence can happen in three ways.

Incontinence associated with stress is the most common type. Physical activities like sneezing, laughing and coughing can put pressure on your bladder, releasing urine involuntarily.

The second type is urge incontinence and this is more inconveniencing than it is debilitating. Your bladder becomes overactive and you experience an intense urge to urinate. It is such a strong feeling that can often make a person afraid. You will end up passing urine immediately or once the urge passes.

And the third type is overflow incontinence whic...

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Natural Remedies For An Enlarged Prostate

If you are suffering from an enlarged prostate, it is likely an uncomfortable situation with nighttime urination, weaker urine system and being unable to empty the bladder completely. While these are not life threatening symptoms they can decrease the overall quality of life. Your goal should be to not necessarily the shrink the size of the prostate, but rather improve its health through natural remedies.

It is good to note that diet plays a significant role in prostate health. You can slow the growth and inflammation of the prostate by eating the right kind of food. For example, Mediterranean style diet that contains omega-3 fatty acids including tuna, salmon and herring, and also nuts, olives and seeds and a lot of vegetables decrease the risk of an enlarged prostate...

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Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction And Achieving Optimal Sexual Health

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem affecting men over the age of 40, although men of all ages can suffer from it. However, this can vary from person to person. It is a distressing condition but with the right treatment you can overcome it and reach optimal sexual health.

While erectile dysfunction tends to develop with age, there is always an underlying physical condition. One of the reasons it is common in men over the age of 40 is because the likelihood of obesity, cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes increases.

Certain medications are occasionally linked to erectile dysfunction like for instance, anti-depressants, certain pain killers and diuretics. However, if you believe that this is the main cause for your condition, you need to consult the best andrologist in Dubai be...

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What are STDs?

Sexually transmitted diseases which are commonly known by everyone as STDs occur due to unprotected sexual intercourse. Oral sex or anal sex can also cause STDs, which many people are not aware of. You can get an STD if you have a sexual contact with another person. STDs can also be transmitted to a child on or after their birth from the parents.  There are various types of STDs that you can get from another person. STDs are also known as venereal diseases.

STDs can appear to be dangerous, but it can be said with confidence that when they are detected most of them can be treated. Consult us, the best andrologist in Dubai to make sure you do not see the dangerous side of an STD...

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Detect Bladder Cancer Early!

Bladder cancer is commonly found in men. This does not mean women can never be affected by it. This form of cancer can be detected easily because of the nature of it. Bladder cancer can usually be detected at early stages. Even though it may be treated, tests have to be frequently taken in order to ensure it is not present again. Consult the best urologist in Dubai to guide and assist you through your medical journey. We understand the nature of our patients and that dealing with the news of being diagnosed with cancer is not something that can be easily handled. We will be there with you through the whole process and will make everything easier for you and your family.

The most common symptom of bladder cancer is blood in urine...


Key To Understanding Congenital Penile Curvature

There are two chambers that make up the penis and in some men, one of the chambers is less formed which is what causes the penis to bend towards one side that results in congenital penile curvature. While many people assume this condition looks similar to Peyronie’s disease or penile curvature, this is not exactly accurate. With Peyronie’s disease, the bend is caused by the buildup of plaque, whereas congenital penile curvature is more often than not a natural cause of a less developed chamber. It can become more apparent when you are a teenager. In most cases, the condition is mild and will not affect sexual intercourse or performance.

While the curvature may point in different directions, the most common in congenital penile curvature is that the penis is bent downward...


Things You May Not Know About Prostatitis

Prostatitis is referred to as the infection or inflammation of the prostate. It usually hits adult men and is quite a common problem. Not all who are affected by prostatitis suffer from significant symptoms but the condition can alter your quality of life.

With increased awareness on prostate cancer it may be worrying when you start to experience pain in the lower region of your bladder. Prostate doesn’t automatically mean cancer. If you are experiencing swelling and inflammation it can be a result of different things. For example, bacterial infection often causes prostatitis. 

Symptoms of prostatitis and enlarged prostate are common. This is the primary reason men need to seek treatment from a urologist in Dubai. The most common symptom is pelvic pain...


Natural Remedies To Shrink An Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged prostate is a health condition that is known to affect men over the age of 50. The prostate is a small gland found in the reproductive system of a male. As men grow older the cell glands can begin to multiply which causes an enlarged prostate. There are several risk factors for enlarged prostate which include genetics, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Some men with this condition may experience mild symptoms, while others suffer from more severe symptoms. However, the problem starts when the conditions begins to affect your overall quality of life. 

When the symptoms are severe, the prostate will clamp down on your urethra and make it difficult for the urine to pass from the bladder. In addition, patients will experience,

  • Frequent urination
  • Urinary leakage
  • Urinary tract infe...