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Strike A Balance: Erectile Dysfunction And Personal Life

Men face difficulties in their life when they undergo certain issues which cannot be often shared with others. These hidden feelings will give rise to psychological problems in their life and hence disrupt one’s personal lives. But with the help of proper understanding between you and your body, you can make any situation easier.

Although you might think of erectile dysfunction as an older man’s problem, statistics show that this condition affects men of all ages. In older men, erectile dysfunction is frequently linked to underlying health problems such as heart disease or diabetes. Many urology consultants in Dubai state that in younger men, ED is more likely to be related to psychological reasons...

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Tips To Keep Your Kidneys Free From Risk

Nowadays, people carelessly neglect their health and end up spending abundantly to get cured when diseases find their way to them. It might not be easy to give up your old routines, but it’s always the right choice to make a new one and start right away.

The unhealthy routines seemed to have consumed us completely, making us lead a very irregular lifestyle. But it’s never too late to plan your healthy schedule to keep your kidneys on the right track. Urology specialists have some tips and healthy guide to keep your kidneys risk-free:

A well-balanced diet:
The food is what makes a man go the wrong direction. It’s one of the main temptations that lead a person to go off their well-planned diet chart...

Erectile Dysfunction

What Are The Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is considered as a common concern when it becomes impossible to get a  satisfactory sexual performance. This will remain the same on a number of occasions for some time.

But don’t worry. Erectile dysfunction is a treatable medical condition. However, the majority of men fail to consult a urologist because of embarrassment whereas others stop from proceeding with the surgery after diagnosis. There are plenty of causes which leads to this condition. Some of the organic causes for erectile dysfunction are usually the result of an underlying medical condition affecting the blood vessels or nerves supplying the penis.

Prescription Drugs:
While consuming tablets, many of them fail to go through the side effects and the problems that might cause you once you start a patt...

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6 Things You Should Know About Keeping Your Kidney Healthy


This two bean-shaped organs in your body filter and purify your blood day in and day out. Ever wondered how much work a kidney works in a day? Healthy kidneys are known to filter about half a cup of blood every minute, removing all sort of wastes and extra water in your body to produce urine. So what steps should you take to keep this hardworking organ healthy? Our urologist suggests the following steps to take care of your kidneys-

Blood Pressure & Kidney Health

High blood pressure is a threat to your kidney’s health. If the blood pressure is high, it puts undue pressure on your kidneys and stressing it. If this continues, it can lead to serious kidney malfunctions in the long run.

For keeping your kidneys healthy, keep your blood pressure under check.

Effect Of Diabetes

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Your Ultimate Guide To Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Hormones control different functions of the human body. While there are a lot of different kinds of hormones in the human body, some are gender specific and are found in higher levels in one gender. Testosterone, for instance, is a sex hormone in the male body, that increase the bone density, muscle mass, reduce body fat and improve overall sex drive in men. They also regulate metabolism and improve brain functioning.

However, low testosterone levels is a condition that affects millions of men around the world, which can be quite depressing for them physically and mentally.

Effects of low testosterone levels in men

It is natural for testosterone to drop with age. Commonly known as hypogonadism, this condition occurs to the inadequate production of the testosterone...


Is Congenital Penile Curvature Treatable?

Being born healthy is a blessing. However, some individuals are born with physical abnormalities which are called birth defects/deformity. Urologists in Dubai recognize congenital penile curvature as one such penile deformity which is seen right from birth. However, unlike most other abnormalities, the penile curvature becomes evident only during puberty.

When one side of the penis is larger or more elastic than the other, it causes the penis to curve to one side on erection. This penis may show a sideward curvature, an upward or a downward one. In some cases, it may even show a combination of all of these.

A visible and troublesome congenital curvature is estimated in 2% of the global male population...


Shockwave Treatment To Battle Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a frustrating condition that affects almost 50% of the men between the ages of 40 and 70. With the advancement in technology, there are a number of different treatment methods found effective in the treatment of ED.

One of the latest methods used to treat ED is the low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (Li-ESWT) procedure, commonly called the shockwave therapy.

The shockwave treatment utilizes non-invasive low-intensity sound waves that pass through the penile tissue and remove any plaque buildup in the blood vessels, aiding the growth of new blood vessels. This will help to restore the natural erectile function of the penis.

The Erection Mechanism

A healthy erection occurs as a direct result of blood flow into a man’s penis...


Cystoscopy For Effective Diagnosis – How Does It Help

A cystoscopy is a procedure used to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the bladder and urethra. Your urologist proposes a cystoscopy to investigate the cause of blood in urine, incontinence, painful urination and overactive bladder. The procedure also helps in determining the cause of frequent urinary tract infections, bladder diseases like cancer, stones and inflammation.

Urologists also use cystoscopy as a procedure to treat certain disease conditions. By passing special tools through the cystoscope, very small bladder tumours can be removed during the process.

Cystoscopy can also help in determining an enlarged prostate. The procedure can reveal a narrowing of the urethra at the point where it passes through the prostate gland.

Preparing For Cystoscopy

If your urologist has pre...


Sexual Dysfunction: Effective Solutions That Work

Often times, we find that men are quite reluctant to talk about their sexual health. But, on experiencing issues related to sexual dysfunctioning, getting medical help from a consultant urologist in Dubai at the right time can help them cure their condition easily. The objective of this blog is to educate men on the various sexual disorders that need attention and how they can be treated.

Sexual dysfunction is nothing but a broad term used to define an issue that prevents men from wanting or enjoying sexual activity. Mostly this is caused due to age, stress, trauma, psychological issues and diseases like diabetes or heart condition. External factors like drug and alcohol abuse as well as unhealthy lifestyle and obesity can also pave the way for sexual dysfunctioning.

What All Disorders ...


Get A Break From Your Urinary Incontinence

Sometime, your involuntary bodily reactions might become reasons for your embarrassment. But if they are quite frequent, it might not be a laughing matter and might need some kind of medical attention. For instance, people suffering from urinary incontinence might feel ashamed to talk about their issues, but in fact, it is a medical condition requiring treatment.

What exactly is urinary incontinence?

Urologists term the condition as an involuntary or unintentional passing of urine. All though it is seen in both men and women, it tends to be more common in women as a result of pregnancy and childbirth. There are many types of urinary incontinence. However, the most common ones are-

  • Stress Incontinence: In this case, the urine leaks out when your bladder is under pressure...